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About Pies & Pinups

So many things go into a dessert made from scratch. The memory of your grandmother's blueberry pie. The feel of your favorite apron. The love for the lucky recipient of the dessert. A cake you once had in a Paris bakery that you're determined to recreate. A stressful day erased by the comforting ritual of butter, flour, eggs, sugar, vanilla. 

I love vintage for the same reason I love baking - pure joy, delivered with a wink. Beautiful things for beauty's sake. The way the perfect vintage dress can transform a grocery run into an adventure. People might think you need an occasion to bake your heart out or to get all dressed up - I think that occasion exists every day. 

Pies & Pinups was created to celebrate that everyday occasion (and special occasions) with all of you. Thank you for stopping by!

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